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Would you grant your lover / spouse a “break period” to decide if they want to stay in the relationship? A healthy option or a slow walk to a break-up. Thoughts??

  • No I’m not a smorgasbord – can’t just try me out to see if you like me. Either you do or don’t
  • Yes, I would rather you take the time you need than mistreat me because you feel stuck
  • If you are just in a relationship, that is normal. Trial and error is pretty much the nature and purpose of relationship building. Learn who you are so you can learn who and what you can deal with. Sometimes that takes separation. But if you are married, No. You took a vow to work it out. Either give up and go your separate ways or stay and work it out together like you committed to do. 
  • Lover yes…Spouse hell no
  • Yes let them have their space
  • It depends how long of a break, many thing can happen during that break. If our relationship is strong no break should be needed we should be adult enough to attack any issues that occur. What if we have constant issues is it ok for you to take consistent breaks? Let’s figure it out together as a team.
  • No healthy options or slow walking to the door either we going to be together, stay together and be committed to working things out or we are coming to an mutual agreement that it aint working and walk away with dignity and respect for each other still be friends.
  • Nope. We in it til the casket drop.