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This Indianapolis mother refused to allow a Family Dollar clerk to get away with disrespecting her children.

After learning that the clerk asked her son if he was about to go Trick Or Treating because he and his siblings were dressed in traditional African garb, this mom went in on “Sandra’s Racist Ass,” before calling her manager to report her.

“Exactly when in September would my son in African garments be trick-or-treating?” asked the mom, sending the clerk into a bumbling apology. But it was too late to backtrack. The manager was already on the phone.

“So let me tell you about Sandra’s racist ass,” the mom started. “My three beautiful Black children, dressed in their cultural garments, came in this store to spend money up in this raggedy mother****a… And she asked my children if they were going trick-or-treating. Now I don’t know what the hell y’all do to train these people who work up here, but we live in this neighborhood, we spend money in this neighborhood, and as long as y’all in this neighborhood you will respect the money that makes sure your ass got a check. And then when he come in here and point out which one says it, she at first tried to tell me it wasn’t her. Lying, racist bitch. It was you. But see y’all don’t understand when Black people act culturally correct. But you understand when I cuss you the fuck out. You understand this language real quick. But this female here had no business talking to my children that way. Totally out of line. I have some of the most respectful children in this neighborhood. Everybody who works in this store knows, you see my children all the time. They never give a moment’s trouble, and they better not have a moment’s trouble. And if they have a moment’s trouble, this is the momma coming up here.”

The video has since gone viral on social media, proving a lesson everyone should have learned by now: Don’t play with people’s kids.


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