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Question: For years even when I was growing up I’ve been hearing female’s talk about they want to find a good man. Now here’s my question? When a woman finds a good man how come they treat us like crap, because of what the previous guy did to them? And why on God’s Green Earth that they like guys that don’t have a job, living with there mother, living off of the women & beat up on the women (A real man wouldn’t do that)? Some women choose these men over a good man that’s doing what they suppose to do…

Answer: Sadly, for many women a “good man” is a challenge and they don’t know what to do with him. If all the male relationships in your life have been difficult, you have learned that love has to hurt, be filled with games, that you have to change him / win him over and that it is drama filled. When that guy shows up that just wants to love you … what to do?? It is unfortunate, but true. Keep searching for a woman that is ready for positive love. She is out there and you are going to trip over a few damaged ones before you get to her.

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