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Met a lady today who is pondering marriage number six. Should you keep getting married if marriages don’t seem to work out for you? Is there no limit to seeking real love or should you be one and done?

  • I would ask what you’re looking for? Are you looking for a solid relationship or just to get married? There is a difference.

    Also, I’d say you should do a self-evaluation after each divorce. What did YOU do wrong? How did you contribute to the break-up? Then figure out what you really want next out of a relationship, and what you’re going to do better next time. How you’ll pick better next time

  • I’m cool unless you are a heterosexual person trying to give “the gays” a moral lecture on marriage equality. Outside of that Knock Yourself Out… That ain’t my nut!!!
  • I say third times the charm. After three cancel Christmas. It’s not for you yo.
  • Maybe not 1 and done. But my husband said my first marriage was practice this is the real thing
  • Two. after that i have to admit that I’m not a good husband or I’m bad at picking a wife.
  • No….No..I’m done…never again