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Man putting wedding ring on woman.

Source: Roy Hsu / Getty

After a solemn year filled with police brutality, scammed elections and civil injustice, the last thing we needed was an ignorant act to make light of it all. Unfortunately, an Alabama man did just that when he proposed to his fiancée on Friday.

Daiwon McPherson, 33, decided to ask his girlfriend of five years to marry him at a local gas station. Instead of pulling over and asking her, he simulated a fake arrest by Mobile, AL police who drew out guns and asked him to get on the ground, before he got on one knee.

As reported by Police made sure the scene was safe by informing all other officers on duty before the fake call went out. Then, the two officers McPherson talked previously responded to the gas station scene.

“I really wanted to bring the bike life and the police together,” he said. The soon-to-be-husband said he wanted the proposal video to go viral for social media users to see a video of police working together with the community for a good cause. “I can’t believe I actually pulled this off,” he said.

As for Shawna Blackmon, she said she cried so hard when she realized McPherson was proposing that she didn’t get a good look at her ring until later- and she was pleasantly surprised again. While she originally wanted a small wedding, Blackmon said after her fiance’s proposal, she feels like the couple needs a big wedding next year.

“I appreciate the way he did it… here we are, ending the year engaged!”

Clearly, this is wrong on so many levels. It’s insensitive. Disrespectful. And overall, not romantic. Furthermore, if he needed inspiration for a good proposal, there are plenty of places to look.

While McPherson still contends the purpose of this proposal was to show the positive relations between police and citizens, we think the families of these men and women would disagree.


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