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When you are young you are quick to say what you would never do in love. Maybe you would never settle, stay with a cheater or pay all the bills in love … we all have something big or small that in our twenties we said NEVER to and over thirty we say … MAYBE. Check out this list listeners gave me:

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  • Suck toes
  • Be more transparent and vulnerable
  • Pay her bills
  • In my 20s I never gave 2nd chances. A break up & make up was way out of the question. Now we are going to have to work this out because I’m too old and don’t have the patience to start over. That get to know you phase is overrated.
  • Have a side chick
  • Date a woman with multiple kids lol. Can’t avoid it these days
  • Physical fight. Never again.
  • Beg

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