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In case you didn’t already hear, Donald Trump is systematically destroying the American government. Despite the mountain of evidence that points to his political incompetence and general immorality, some Americans still don’t understand how serious of a threat The Donald is to their safety, security and overall livelihoods.

If you’re still giving Trump some time to get a hold of the new job, you probably deserve whatever fate is coming to you. But for everyone else who knew he was unfit to lead long before he stole November’s election, Trump’s opening season in office has painted a clear picture of the many ways he can and will lead America to its destruction.

Considering all that we’ve learned in these first four months, GlobalGrind calculated the most likely ways your life will be ruined if Trump’s presidency lasts half as long as its scheduled to. If you still needed a reason to consider voting in 2018’s mid-terms elections, here’s seven:

1. Healthcare

The most immediate and universal threat President Trump poses to U.S. citizens is his recently passed Healthcare act, which blatantly punishes America’s most vulnerable citizens while rewarding its richest.

Throughout 2016, Trump campaigned on a phony platform that promised to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” or the Affordable Care Act with a program that would save everyone money. But in March, he and his majority-Republican Congress didn’t hesitate to double-cross their constituents with the American Health Care Act, which denies affordable coverage to millions based on pre-existing conditions while cutting Medicaid spending for seniors.

Adding insult to injury, America’s richest 2% will get a $274 billion tax break over the next decade thanks to all the money the country will save now that it doesn’t have to worry about taking care of its ill and elderly citizens.

True, the (mostly White) working class voters who trusted Trump to make their lives great again will be among the hardest hit once the approved bill takes affect. But thanks to them and their great White savior, every American is now united in being one step closer to suffering a slow, painful and impoverished death.

2. Aggressive student loan collection

This week, the Treasury Department announced aggressive new practices for collecting on outstanding student loans.

Current undergrads now face a 20% increase on interest rates while graduates who have made a habit of defaulting on their debts can expect to be sued more frequently under Trump than under Barack Obama’s administration.

With Americans currently owing about $138 billion for their pursuit of higher education, the Trump administration sees a quick fix for the busted budget. The hardline approach means the ideas of debt forgiveness or free tuition (programs that are a given in many developed countries) are off the table for as long as Trump and the GOP are in power.

So, if you’re an aspiring scholar without a trust fund or a recent grad who is betting on a bright future by defaulting on your loans, look into studying abroad, or prepare yourself for economic warfare.

3. Bad Public Schools

If Betsy DeVos is allowed to rule America’s public schools with the same ignorance and impunity we’ve come to expect from her boss, start planning to homeschool the next generation.

Last week, DeVos was recently booed mercilessly by graduates of Bethune-Cookman University, and they are the lucky ones who won’t have their educational future decided by the clueless charter school champion.

DeVos was one of Trump’s most contested cabinet appointees, mainly because of her lack of experience in public education and the many conflicts of interest her new position has created.

One of DaVos’ most alarming conflicts comes from her and her husband’s financial interest in debt-collection agencies that seek to claim overdue student loans. As the secretary of Education, DaVos now has the power to influence laws that govern all student debt collection.

Is homeschooling still out of the question?

4. More Private Prisons

One of the brightest marks on Barack Obama’s presidential resumé was his stance on criminal justice reform. Obama added context and nuance to discussions on long-ignored issues like mass incarceration and the war on drugs. He also passed laws that cracked down on America’s crooked private prison industry.

Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions appear dedicated to undoing all of this progress in hopes of returning America to the great White monolith of their youth. So if you’re a young man of color hoping to avoid America’s famous prison pipeline, your best bet may be applying for a passport and moving elsewhere.

5. Careless Diplomacy

He’s already taunted North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un with the prospect of nuclear war and attacked Syria and Afghanistan without proper intelligence or clearance — so what other global conflicts is Trump capable of instigating if he isn’t impeached immediately?

Aside from constant security leaks and the president’s bold decision to share confidential data with Russian agents in a White House meeting, Trump has compromised national security on dozens of occasions in just a few months with xenophobic executive orders and erratic Twitter rants.

Iran, Mexico and every Muslim-majority nation in the country have already been insulted by his careless diplomacy, but what happens when China, Canada and the United Kingdom grow tired of his messiness? Do you really want to be on U.S. soil when all that karma blows back in the form of World War III?

6. Treason And Collusion

Everyone from TIME to Stephen Colbert has done their best to raise Trump’s Russia connections beyond the usual satire and into levels of serious national concern.

He’s already grossly interfered with the FBI’s investigation into American-Russian relations, first by asking former FBI director James Comey to alter his investigation and obstruct justice, then by firing Comey for refusing to obey his request.

Many are convinced that Trump benefited from the work of Russian hackers who flooded political media with pro-Trump bots and strategically leaked info meant hurt his opponent Hillary Clinton‘s credibility leading up to Election Day. And we’re only just beginning to know the extent of his Totalitarian aspirations.

Trump’s famous #FakeNews campaign is aimed at discrediting all media sources in the eyes of his followers, which would give him unchecked control over citizens and the information they receive via public airwaves. And much like his friend and idol Vladimir Putin, Trump has shown a recent interest in silencing journalists in a more direct way; According to Comey, the president suggested putting journalists in prison during a conversation they had earlier this year.


7. Domestic Terrorism

While Trump continues to stoke fears of Islamic terror in the heartland, the least-talked about terrorist threat facing America isn’t on the other side of any border; It’s White Nationalism and the domestic terror its followers inflict.

Of the 66 domestic acts of terror that occurred during the Obama administration, only six had ties to Islam. Meanwhile, almost 75% were connected to White Supremacy, a fact we may be aware of if the mainstream media was comfortable using the term “White Supremacy.”

Trump’s campaign dog-whistled America’s hate groups to the forefront of the 2016 election and he benefited greatly from their support. Now, his policies and actions continue to encourage Whites to fear the presence of non-Whites and emboldens violence against immigrants, people of color and other minority groups.

Fox News and Breitbart have already made a fortune programming White America with #FakeNews and fodder for these culture wars, but as Confederate monuments are ripped down and people of color continue to infiltrate public and political arenas that were once exclusively White, the programming may trigger a Whitelash that is far more surprising than November’s election results.

From Thomas Jefferson to Timothy McVeigh to Dylan Roof, the face of American terrorism has most often been that of a White male’s. With agent Orange now working tirelessly to terrorize anyone with plans of surviving past 2018, that fact isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

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