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The NBA Twitter manager either made an epic fail Sunday or they’re trolling Dave Chappelle. On the night of Game 3 between the Cavaliers and the Celtics for the Eastern Conference Finals, the NBA tweeted a gif of Amy Schumer sitting court side. She happened to be next to comedian Dave Chappelle, who everyone should know… or at least the people over at the NBA. Right?

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Wrong. They commented, “Amy and a fan.”

The “fan” the NBA was referring to was clearly Dave Chappelle. There’s no “we meant the guys sitting behind them.” Dave Chappelle, one of the most well known comedians of the past 15 years, was relegated to “a fan.”

Obviously Twitter went off.


Chappelle has yet to respond to the NBA’s tweet. With his history of ghosting, maybe it’s not a big deal for him — but don’t play with Dave Chapelle fans!

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