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11th Annual Jazz In The Gardens Music Festival - Day 2

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After weeks of being roasted, dragged and accused of some pretty heinous things, Usher is finally speaking out about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Quantasia Sharpton — his only public accuser.

Quantasia held a press conference on Monday, claiming that the singer had sex with her without revealing that he had the herpes virus. However, Usher denies the claims, saying that he never even slept with Sharpton. According to TMZ, the singer confided in his close circle, telling them that he couldn’t have slept with Quantasia because she’s not his type.

You may recall that Sharpton said in her press conference that Usher picked her out of the crowd and brought her on stage. Sooon after, they went to her hotel room and had unprotected sex. Sources close to the singer say that although he doesn’t remember whether or not he pulled her onstage, he knows for sure that he didn’t sleep with her. Another source added that the only reason Usher brought Quantasia onstage is because he’s an “esteem booster” who “looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels.”

Usher he has yet to address the other two accusers that filed a lawsuit against him. As for Quantasia, she’s busy having social media spats with Lil Duval and  disputing claims that she’s a scam artist.

This scandal gets more bizarre everyday.

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