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Sarah Huckabee joined “The View” to address some issues with the ladies.

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One topic that was talked about the most was the fact that she disagreed with the fact that Politiface found that one 5% of Trump’s statements were true.


Whoopi Goldberg quickly prompted Huckabee with one question and said, “Where was President Obama born and is he an American citizen?”

Huckabee chimed in and said, “I think that has been pretty well addressed.”

Goldberg then said, “But this narrative, this is what I’m talking about. That’s a [false] narrative that went on forever and [Trump] didn’t clear it up until after he was in office.”

During this heated conversation Joy Behar also spoke on Trump, but Huckabee defended him whenever she could.

According to Black Voices, Sanders was on the show along with Mike Huckabee and you can check out the video to form your own opinion about what went down.

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