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The Las Vegas massacre has pushed gun control to the forefront of a national conversation, and last night’s episode of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” addressed the pressing issue head-on,  Raw Story reports.

During the “Weekend Update” segment—which features comedians Michael Che and Colin Jost—the two tried to add some comic relief to the serious matter, and talked about the ridiculousness of owning an arsenal of guns and the “snowflakes” who feel the need to have multiple weapons, the news outlet writes.

Che—who is known for having no filter during the segment—referred to individuals who purchase more than six bullets as “delicate snowflakes.” He said that those people “should learn karate or use their words” if they can’t shoot something with six bullets, the source reported.

Jost added that it was incomprehensible to allow someone to own 47 guns, like the Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. “If you owned 47 cats, you’re not a responsible pet owner,” he said, according to Raw Story. “In Texas, it’s illegal to own six dildos.” He added that gun control should not be a partisan issue.

Watch the “Weekend Update” clip here:

Saturday Night Live also parodied O.J. Simpson who was released from prison on October 1 after serving nine years. According to Mediaite, in a skit—where Kenan Thompson acted as Simpson—the show portrayed what his first date after prison would be like. On the date, Simpson talked about dating apps and asked his date if she Googled the men that she’s been out with to which she replied that she “preferred the mystery.”

Watch O.J.’s date here:

SOURCE: Raw Story, Mediaite


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