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One gadget can be the most important thing you pack in your suitcase when ready to travel abroad.

Project Fi from Google is a SIM card that provides wireless service for cheap voice and data plans. It’s the perfect way to get data abroad without spending a ton of money.

Project Fi provides flat-rate data no matter how many countries you go to (so far Fi provides service in 135 countries). For a basic plan, you can pay $20 a month for unlimited texting and local calling. Data is a flat rate of $10/GB and for calls that aren’t local, you’ll pay $.20 a minute. You can determine from the start how much data you want automatically included in your plan, but you’ll only pay for what you use. All unused data will be credited back to you. You can also pause your entire plan whenever you want, so you only pay when you need it.

The only downside to Project Fi is Google limits its use to Nexus and Pixel phones, although there are ways to make it compatible with iPhones.  The new Motorola X4 is also the latest to be compatible with Project Fi.

Despite these possible hurdles, it all could be worth it if you want to travel and always have service for your Instagram posts or daily tweets. Having to search for the nearest Wi-Fi or deal with expensive data plans in some remote country is not a good look when you’re trying to travel with ease.

What do you think? Is this the service for you? You can check out more info here.

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