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Kim Zolciak Visits 'Extra'

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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up where we left off last week, dealing with Gregg’s heart procedure. NeNe was freaking out, rightfully so, but it seems as if there’s hope. Gregg doesn’t have any artery blockage, but he does have an irregular heartbeat condition known as “low heartbeat.” His father died from that condition so Gregg needs to stay on top of his health, and it’s looking like he may need a pacemaker. NeNe is nursing Gregg back to health, but she’s also planning an all-white soiree. You know parties are where it always goes down on any reality show. Stay tuned.


Sheree has a life coach named Jack Daniels. Seriously. Jack. Daniels. Anyway, Mr. Daniels is there to help her figure out how she’s going to address the abuse she went through with her kids. Sheree gets emotional going over this again.

Later on, we find Kenya kicking it with Sheree. She’s still talking about her phantom husband, but she’s also planning to create a PSA about domestic violence and enlists Sheree’s help. Sheree thinks it’s a great idea, but hasn’t confirmed that she’ll participate yet because it may be a conflict of interest with some of her other DV ambassadorship so we’ll have to wait and see.

Kandi is having a major moment. She’s Essence Magazine cover girl for the confidence issue and the cameras will be there. You know she rocks her shoot. You’ve seen it by now!


Marlo pops up again and we all just come to terms with the fact that she’ll always have a peach pit and not an actual peach.


Anyway, she and NeNe haven’t spoken in about 4 years (because NeNe was mad at Marlo for being friends with Kenya), but they’re friends again for now, just in time for NeNe’s white party.

Kim Zolciak is also back. Sheree invites her to NeNe’s party. Kim agrees to go but she’s not sure how NeNe will receive her. Interestingly enough, it’s not NeNe that Kim needs to worry about, it’s Kenya!

This brings us to the party. Everyone is there. EVERYONE. Derek J, Lisa Wu from season one, Marlo. EVERYONE! And when Kim comes strutting in, starts out okay, with Kim and NeNe actually getting along, but Kim ruins it by throwing shade at Marlo and Kenya respectively. Marlo is actually the bigger person in this scenario. She keeps it cute and doesn’t give in, but Kenya pops off. Kenya is a lot more sensitive here because Kim shaded Kenya’s husband by insinuating that he doesn’t exist. Valid point, but uncalled for and Kenya isn’t with it. They take turns verbally insulting each other until Kenya takes a jab at Kim for “pimping her daughter out on twitter for some john legend tickets” and all hell breaks loose.

The episode ends with Kim standing up looking like she’s about to drag Kenya like Porsha did. But Kenya is standing up too, looking like she’s down for whatever.

Their respective friends are holding them back so we’re probably not going to see another brawl, but you never know.

See you next week.


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