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There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice piece of cake or three every once in a while–but we’ve alllllll been through the struggle of trying to grab that cake without sending notice to everyone in the neighborhood. Whether it’s 1pm or 2am, sometimes you just gotta reach into the fridge and confidently enjoy that next piece…that still doesn’t mean you want everyone in the family to know that’s what you’re doing. We’ve all been there: you reach into the fridge and take out the cake ever so slightly, try to delicately take off the top of the container, and well, there really is not delicate way to take the top off. The crinkle of that thick plastic is the shot heard ’round the world.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in the fight against plastic cake containers. This tweet that started circulating twitter talking about all of the hardships caused by these devilish things is way too relatable.

Once people joined in talking about their experiences getting cake from these things, it was like one big happy family. Join in on laughing at these way-too-familiar scenarios, and if you’ve never experienced any of these…you just might not like cake that much.

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