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Jimmy Fallon is known for being funny, witty, creative and outgoing on “The Tonight Show.” When he took over the show he brought in The Roots band, which many didn’t know were a famous band was. The Roots are known for being one of the most political rap groups.

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There lead lyricist, Black Thought has never been one to hold back talking about politics in several different songs. Group member, Questlove is also known to fight for the culture and make people aware about issues going on. Over the years The Roots have also worked with many other political and social aware artist such as A Tribe Called Quest, Arrested Development and more. Fallon and The Roots seem to have a great relationship, but never talk politics in front of the camera.

During the show, Fallon rarely talks politics. According to Uproxx, this hasn’t just made his audience lessen, but causes The Roots not to talk about issues that they want to. Reports say, “Fallon’s political silence reveals something even greater about silence in general: When you are silent, you are not necessarily only silencing yourself. In American culture, we hardly ever arrive at a platform as an individual.” Most late night shows such as “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and more all share political views. Do you think Jimmy Fallon should share his or continue to just promote laughter on his show?

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