What’s Considered Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

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With allegations and accusations of sexual assault coming out in politics and Hollywood, many have been on edge wondering what’s considered sexual assault in the workplace?

Attorney Rhonda Wills from Wills Law Firm PLLC sheds some light on what is sexual harassment in the workplace from a legal and personal perspective.

“I actually was a part of the #MeToo movement before there was a #MeToo movement. I sued my law firm that I worked at for almost 8 years when one of the senior partners sexually harassed me and I did win my case,” explained Wills. “He sexually harassed me by making a hostile work environment for me…he made very inappropriate comments towards me.”

“If I say to Kym Whitley that she’s cute, have I crossed the line attorney Rhonda,” asked Tom.

“Umm not necessarily Tom, but I would say in the workplace that type of behavior is not appropriate,” explained Wills. “I would advise anyone to sort of reserve those comments in the workplace.”

What about workplace romances? People tend to meet at work and that’s how relationships start. What are the rules on sexual harassment there?

“Dating in the workplace is just a land mine and is filled with a lot of risks,” cautioned Wills. Most companies have a no fraternization policy that doesn’t allow workplace relationships.

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