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Drake‘s Instagram page is full of pictures of the 6 God pouting his lips and seductively looking in the distance, so his latest black and white solo dinner photo is nothing new. I mean, the cover of his album Take Care is Drizzy looking  somber at a table by his lonesome, so most of us are pretty used to seeing him in this sort of setting. Being the star he is, Aubrey is used to making headlines for the most minute details, and that’s exactly what happened when he turned this regular photo into a story.

The caption obviously says, “Stood Me Up,” which would seem like it’s just a funny phrase for a photo of the man deemed to always be in his feelings alone at a dinner table. Drake took the caption to the next level by tagging Angelina Jolie–not the real Angelina, who doesn’t seem to have an IG account, but a fan account with a whopping 8 million followers–implying of course that Angelina was the one who stood him up. Newly single from her long-standing relationship with Brad Pitt, it seems Drake finally got his opening to shoot his shot at Ms. Jolie, and he did so through this subtle slam dunk.

If Drake actually got in the same room as Angelina Jolie, it wouldn’t be the first time that the 6 God shocked the internet with his finessing of the most beautiful women/icons on the planet–we all remember how much insanity his picture with Jennifer Lopez caused.  Maybe this is all a set up for the internet to completely freak out once Drake really does get to shoot his real life shot with Angelia Jolie, but until then, some men can learn a thing or two from Aubrey and his subtly smooth versions of a pick up line.


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