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Paris Dennard has had a hard time on television in 2017. Everyone from Keith Boykin to Cornel West to A. Scott Bolden have dragged him all over CNN. Mr. Dennard might need a vacation, especially considering the reaction he had when Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philly, mentioned his blood pressure.

Earlier today, Dennard appeared on CNN to discuss Trump’s dossier. Like usual, Paris defended Trump and demanded we acknowledge the so-called good things he has done, not the Russia investigation. When Pamela Brown, who was hosting the segment, asked Nutter if he agreed with Dennard that leaked texts, which showed “political bias and donations to political parties” is tainting the investigation, Nutter replied with, “No. Other than his blood pressure being up this morning, that’s straight out of the usual talking points.” Well, Paris nearly exploded on camera. His blood pressure is sacred ground, damn it!  Watch the hilarious moment below:

Well, you got to give Paris a bit of a break — your blood pressure would also be high if you were that deep in the sunken place.


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