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Natural Cycles is a contraceptive app that became certified in the EU as an alternative form of birth control, but now the app has been hit with a major complaint following being blamed for causing 37 unwanted pregnancies. According to reports by Swedish publication SVT,  Södersjukhuset hospital in Stockholm reported the app to Swedish regulator MPA (the Medical Product Agency), after 37 women visited the hospital for an abortion after becoming pregnant while relying on Natural Cycles. Right now, the app has 700,000 users worldwide.

In a statement to The Verge, Natural Cycles said that it hasn’t received any information from Södersjukhuset hospital about their complaints, but are in touch with the MPA about each individual case. The company has also said:

“No contraception is 100% effective, and unwanted pregnancies is an unfortunate risk with any contraception. Natural Cycles has a Pearl Index of 7, which means it is 93% effective at typical use, which we also communicate. At first sight, the numbers mentioned in the media are not surprising given the popularity of the app and in line with our efficacy rates. As our user base increases, so will the amount of unintended pregnancies coming from Natural Cycles app users, which is an inevitable reality.”

Here’s a few other reactions from Twitter after learning about the alleged lack of efficiency with Natural Cycles.

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