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Baltimore’s Acting Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa is thinking about placing plainclothes officers back out on the streets to search for guns & drugs.

“There’s an emphasis to safeguard the community, there’s an emphasis to reduce the violent crime in Baltimore city, and it’s my vision and it’s my goal to do that in an expedited fashion.”

The department stopped all plainclothes units last year after some officers in the Gun Trace Task Force were indicted on federal charges.

Dre’s #breakfastbite… Do you support that idea? (via: IG & Twitter) @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore

quan_thedamsel My fear is that they will abuse it somehow someway. 🤷🏽

comediantdicks If it helps with crime why not?

4birds_10stones What you mean return??? They still pulling this shit in certain areas!

ty_ace_johnson HELLLLLLL NO it’s already too much corruption

mikemccormick No. It never stopped anyway. They need to police their own, they’re the ones putting these guns out here ANYWAY🎯

hateyourguts_85 Yes I do

anitahandy For What it’s not going to make the City Streets no better if these guys can continue to stand and sell drugs and ect… On the corners while the police just sitting in their cars 🤔 doing nothing! #Theyaretheproblem

ashamo10 Yes

flawless__woman_ If that’s what it takes our city needs help

waynedaasshole Nothing to support. They never left. The police riding around in that big black truck don’t have on a uniform. Just a vest. That’s still plain clothes.

ddh_liljohn You don’t need plain clothes to go get guns and drugs. They just want to jump out and beat on people

equanimity_clint83 Not needed the problem with that is the same way they say sagging pants is stupid I look at plain clothes officers as the same.. if you’re working in a criminal environment why would put on something that symbolizes I’m apart of this too …that police uniform says I’m a cop before you even see a badge ..if I have a gun and I’m gangsta and you pull up in an unmarked cop car tinted windows hop out like a gangsta guess what we have a problem …cops who don’t want to where the uniform is because they think their more than plain clothes and have guilt of the uniform because they know they going to do some cruddy …

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