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Chicago Assigns Extra Police Due To Threat Of Gun Violence Memorial Day Weekend

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Johns Hopkins University is investigating a sexual assault that reportedly happened in February, and a second incident was reported last week.

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FoxBaltimore reports: A female student said she was sexually assaulted by a male student on February 2 and campus police are investigating the incident. University officials say that they know who both students are and that they are going through with the investigation to follow University policies.

Johns Hopkins University has since released a statement that said:

“As always, the safety and security of our students is our first priority at Johns Hopkins, and we are committed to ensuring a safe environment for them and all members of the university community. We are equally committed to support victims of sexual assault and to compliance with our obligations under Title IX and under our own Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures. We respond rapidly to reports of sexual assault. We work to investigate and resolve complaints promptly, fairly, equitably, impartially, and in compliance with the law.”

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Source: FoxBaltimore



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