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Beyonce‘s iconic Coachella performances have been immortalized in doll form, and the creativity required to craft it is glorious.

The girls who brought you the legendary Princess Shuri doll are at it again.

While the rest of us were still tending to our remaining edges following Beyonce’s set at Coachella, inspiration struck YouTubers Mr. Froggy Stuff.

After coping with the swell of emotions and pride that Beyonce made us all feel, The mother-daughter team almost immediately set to work on creating a Beyonce doll.

On April 17, one of the ladies teased that a big project was on the way by posting a fairly non-descript work in progress.

The very next day, the pair unveiled their masterpiece, complete with a hand-painted Beyonce’s BΔK sorority sweatshirt! Destiny’s Child Dolls are hard to come by these days, and the ones that are still in circulation are collector’s items. So, this custom piece was crafted using a Fresh Doll, which Mr Froggy Stuff picked for its curvy frame.

Mr. Froggy Stuff rebuilt the look from head-to-toe–including Beyonce’s distressed shorts and shimmery boots. The look is perfection!

If you want to know how to make your own Beychella doll, Mr. Froggy Stuff graciously shared the pattern for the sweatshirt and a step-by-step guide!


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