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Over the last few months, singer Brandy’s appearance has been the subject of scrutiny, with some trolls on social media believing she is hiding a pregnancy just like she hid the fact she was an unwed mother back in 2002.

In an interview with True Exclusive, Norwood explains at this point in her life, she has no reason to lie.

“You know what’s crazy? When I was 23, I fibbed about being married because I wanted to have my baby. I thought if I didn’t say I was married…I didn’t want to lose my fans. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody. Which is why I said I didn’t want to go down the aisle just to go down the aisle because I’m pregnant. I want(ed) to be ready to do that, so let’s just say that I’m married — which was the wrong thing to do. I was pregnant out of wedlock then, if I were out of wedlock now — why would I be ashamed of a baby? It’s funny how people are telling ME that I’m pregnant.”

She also added the weight gain was food her “foodcation,” after eating super healthy for the last few years

“I didn’t think the pregnancy thing was body-shaming. I didn’t  feel that from people who obviously saw that I put on weight and thought I was pregnant. I went on a foodcation, because I’d been eating clean for like 7-something odd years, in the gym, everyday, playing tennis. I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m tired of this crazy discipline. I need something to eat! I want some pizza, I want some pasta, I want some cake! I want something other than salmon, broccoli, and asparagus.’

You can watch the full interview below:


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