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The Basketball Wives are still at each other’s throats, as usual. Tami is still trying to spin the narrative that Evelyn lied on Chad and everyone else thinks this is messed up. Basically, it seems like she’s she’s just saying anything she can to win an argument. This is quite vicious. It’s super vicious. In the end, Shaunie claims she’s over the entire situation. Evelyn says Tami owes her an apology. Tami says she only owes Shaunie an apology because Shaunie is actually her friend.


Anyway, they all move on from the venue without fists being thrown, but even Shaunie is shocked that Tami would say that Evelyn lied about the Ochocinco situation. Evelyn is left behind and she’s super triggered to the point where she’s in tears. That was a traumatic experience for her and Tami really went low. Even Jackie feels bad about the situation and you know Jackie hates Evelyn. Speaking of Jackie, can we clap for her for not being involved in the mess for once. She has actually been lowkey this season thus far.

Anyway, Jennifer tries to comfort Evelyn until they all finally move on, but it’s weird that Evelyn is willing to overlook Jen’s behavior because Jennifer’s actions with that rumor were evil too. Later on, Malaysia and Jackie meet up and discuss how nasty it was what Tami did and that it even made them forget about what Jennifer did. This is when Malaysia and Jackie try to feign shock that these women could tear each other down so easily. The gist of this conversation is, they think Tami went too far and they also don’t trust Jennifer for her nasty actions to and from now on she will get the side eye.

Then Malaysia mentions that she wants CeCe and Kristen to make up so she plans to get them together to hash it out. Yay!


Now we’re at Kristen and CeCe’s peace mediation luncheon. It goes left from jump because Kristen thought it was a good idea to bring Jen, “her big sis.” Malaysia and Cece are already annoyed by this because Jen wasn’t invited and doesn’t even like Cece. Malaysia sums it up well, “Jen’s not a very nice person.” But despite this, Cece and Kristen try to have their talk anyway. Eventually, that gets sidetracked when Jen and Cece get into it. CeCe wants an apology, Jen doesn’t think she’s in the wrong and that’s that. Then Jackie and Malaysia jump in and to refocus the point, which is getting CeCe and Kristen to make up. Then Jen jumps in again and says that Kristen said that she and CeCe were never really close anyway. CeCe is shocked and hurt because she thought they were close. Way to messy again Jen. This goes nowhere. Shocker.


CeCe, later on, reveals to Jackie that she thinks that Kristen is putting on a show in front of the other women because she wants to be accepted. Jackie actually gives sound advice. Jackie. Christie. Gives. Sound. Advice. But basically, CeCe needs to decide if this is worth saving or if she should just move on.

Who votes for them to just move on?


Then Jackie meets up with Tami to get her side of the story about how the ponderosa went left and to tell her that she was wrong. Tami says she left that situation hurt because Evelyn made hurtful jabs about her weight because she’s a diabetic and takes her weight seriously. Evelyn made fun of her walk and she has issues with her feet because she has diabetic nerve pain. So, basically, Evelyn pushed her to make the commentary about the DV.


Jackie acknowledges that Evelyn did say some mean things but that Tami still went really low. Then Tami says she’s a domestic violence survivor and she doesn’t take that stuff lightly and that the things she knows about Evelyn’s situation are what Evelyn told her. Now Tami is implying that Evelyn told her she fabricated the Chad situation. However, Evelyn tweeted that she’d never talk to Tami about anything let alone this sort of situation. The latter is much more believable. It just seems like Tami knows she went too far and is grasping at straws to make actions look less wicked. But there’s hope for her because she finally admits that she was wrong for throwing the DV situation in Evelyn’s face.


That’s probably the closest we’ll get to an apology from Tami.

Next week Malaysia goes full-on Compton on Jennifer and even tosses a table in her direction. This will be fun.


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