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In this economy, sometimes you need more than one job in order to get by. The “gig economy” as its called features many of us who are full-time employees in one aspect or field and working part-time in another.

Fortunately, TheJobNetwork has discovered not only ways to win over your potential boss in an interview but also several jobs that could net you some really good money. As in $75,000.

Yes, $75,000.

Here’s a few of the jobs they suggested.

1. Social Media Assistant

Think you have the bomb Facebook account that generates plenty of comments and reactions from friends, family and strangers that turn into friends? Apply it to a business to help market their online presence, profile and marketing. You can get paid up to $30 per hour adding your own personal touch to a company’s social media content.

2. Online Research

We’ve all seen those ads where filling out surveys for businesses should net you big money right from home. Some companies are paying up to $37 per hour for someone to answer questions for business professionals and assist them in solving customer service issues or other complicated matters right from home. What’s the main skill you need? Being good a research. Having a head for business also helps as well.

3. Uber/Lyft

Ride sharing is a big big thing. In a busy metropolitan area such as Houston or Atlanta, the demand to get from point A to point B is always a thing. Plus, setting your own hours and knowing what areas are heavy in demand are always good things to know.

4. Private Tutor

Feel you have a skill in school that you mastered and wished to impart that knowledge on others who may not be as strong in that field? Tutoring may be the wave for you. Helping a kid (or even an adult in some aspects) is always an enriching move and depending on where you live, you could earn anywhere from $40-$80 per hour and rake in big money!

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