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Do you pray with your significant other?

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The saying goes, if you pray together, you stay together. And if you’re a believe in a higher power, you’ll find that doing so produces a relaxed mode on one accord and also allows you to be submissive. Together.

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Rock T and his wife pray together. Here are their results:

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ROCK-T & KRYSTAL'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL listed the following as reasons you, too, should incorporate prayer into your relationship:

1. It brings you together in agreement.

2. It is an act of love.

3. It draws you closer together and develops a deeper love for one another.

4. It brings a sweet and precious moment in your day.

5. It brings you together, humbly, before the Lord.

6. It is encourages you and gives you hope.

7. It reminds you that you’re in this life together and you’ve got each other’s back.

8. It paves the way for forgiveness.

9. It allows you to share your strengths and weaknesses.

10. It moves you beyond yourself to the concerns of your spouse.

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