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Software Update Is Breaking Nike's New Adapt BB Self-Lacing Kicks

Source: Nike / Nike

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Nike can’t catch a break. First Zion Williamson who could be a potential signature athlete for the company saw his sneaker explode while playing hurting himself in the process. Now according to numerous customer complaints, a software update is bricking its expensive Adapt BB self-lacing sneakers that launched last week.

Deadspin shared a story of a 17-year-old teenager named Michael Rivera who has cerebral palsy who was rewarded a pair of the highly-coveted $350 performance basketball smart sneakers for getting straight A’s. The shoes are perfect for Rivera because he can now put the sneakers on himself, his condition prevents him from tying his own shoes, so the self-lacing feature is much-needed.

His excitement when he first received the sneakers from his parents went away quickly after he discovered the left shoe was no longer working after he updated software on his iPhone.

Per Deadspin:

“We really wanted them because Michael cannot tie his shoes,” Tootie says. “And we thought this would be ideal. He can use the app to tighten them around his foot to fit his needs.”

And then … they broke. Michael says a software update essentially bricked the left sneaker. “I took them out of the box and turned them on and put them on,” Michael says. “I downloaded the app and it worked perfectly. It worked amazing! And then … it was only when I tried to download the first software update that the left shoe stopped connecting to my phone at all.”

Unfortunately for Nike, Michael’s case isn’t an isolated incident, earlier in the week New York software engineer Jonathan Warner pointed out on Twitter that Android users have also been complaining about issues with the Android app as well revealing Nike didn’t really put too much effort into making sure it worked properly.

With Zion’s Nike PG 2,5 shoe exploding and now this news of its Adapt BB sneakers basically crashing, Nike’s shares took a hit and dropped about 1% after the sportswear giant released a statement about the Williamson’s freak accident.

While this is not a good look for Nike right now, we believe this too shall pass. This isn’t the first time a Nike sneaker has fallen apart on the basketball court you can see some more in the montage below.

Photo: Nike

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