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Maintaining a heathy relationship requires an array of daily choices to keep yourself and your partner happy. Through the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to neglect the simple actions that can make your loved one feel appreciated and seen.

Lianne Avila, a relationship expert for YourTango, explains that there are many ways we can make “deposits” into our relationships to make sure they are in the green.

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One of the ways is through cultivating emotional intimacy, which acts as the glue to any longterm partnership. The Gottman Institute explains that you have to make small deposits into your “love bank” over time. Some people let their well of love run dry and then try to save it at the last minute with one grand gesture, thats unhealthy.

Here are some small ways to invest in your relationship before you “break the bank,” according to YourTango.


Seems easy enough, but we can quickly take our partners for granted when they are a part of our every day lives. Maybe it’s something simple–like washing the dishes or putting the kids to bed. Whatever it is, make time to say thanks.

Take Responsibility For Your Feelings

It’s important to use language like “I feel like this,” versus “You make me feel like this.” It’s a small tweak that can help your partner be receptive to your grievances versus just feeling critcizied.

Get Off The Phone

Cellphone and IG scrolling are such an intimacy killer. Take them out of the equation when spending quality time with your companion.


Put yourself if their shoes. Maybe you don’t understand why they are “just so busy” all the time, but if you see they are stressed and having a hard time balancing, see how you can help versus just being demanding of their time.


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