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Donald Glover is giving fans some hope for new music in a new interview with Michaela Coel, creator and star of Chewing Gum and I May Destroy You.

During their discussion, which was conducted via Zoom and published by British GQ on Tuesday, Glover was asked by Coel about his decision to stop considering himself a religious person when he was younger. Glover—who grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness— explained that this “technically” happened when he lost his virginity, explaining that he now engages in a more broadly “spiritual” lifestyle instead of considering himself religious.

“With writing, I definitely feel, like on the last project and on the project I’m working now, musically too, it’s all spiritual,” Glover said. “It’s all spiritual. A feeling of ‘I love us. I love me.’ I really do.”

Coel went on to praise Glover’s most recent album, 3.15.20, telling him that she and Karan Gill had a social distancing-friendly “dance night” with those songs as their soundtrack.

That’s when Glover said something that fans will probably be happy about, admitting he doesn’t feel as if he’s done with “that [music] project” yet, a quote that could be interpreted as a sign that Glover will continue his role as Childish Gambino for at least a little bit longer.

“I still don’t feel like I’m done with that [music] project,” Donald said. “When the coronavirus hit, I was, like—this sounds super crazy—but a woman who I go to, almost a shaman, I told her I wanted to write a Bible.”

Glover did elaborate, saying that he told the shaman in question he wanted to write a Bible “years ago” due to a “feeling” he kept having. The shaman told him that he would know when the time was right.

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