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1. Biden Inching Ahead, Race is Still Too Close to Call

What You Need To Know:

After two days behind closed doors in the White House and against the advice of staff members, Donald Trump appeared in a briefing room Thursday evening to attack the current system used to count votes.

2. As Trump Files Lawsuits Contesting Election Results, Post-Election Protests Erupt Nationwide

What You Need To Know:

As Democratic presidential Joe Biden inches closer to 270 electoral college votes, the Trump campaign filed lawsuits on Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, setting the stage for contesting the vote count in the handful of states that will be crucial to winning the election.

3. Coronavirus Update: U.S. Hits Six-Figure Coronavirus Case Count, the Highest Single-Day Count Since the Pandemic Began

What You Need To Know:

Within the past seven days, the U.S. saw its five highest single-day coronavirus case totals, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University. Wednesday marked the first time that cases have reached six figures, at 102,831 new infections reported, and is now the highest single-day reporting since the pandemic began.

4. Baltimore County Must Pay $2 Million to Black Officer Applicants for Biased Exams

What You Need To Know:

The Baltimore County Police Department has been ordered by the U.S. Department of Justice to pay a $2 million dollar settlement as part of a discrimination lawsuit against Black applicants.

5. Major Key Alert: Opportunity Zones Should Matter To Black Communities

What You Need To Know:

Opportunity Zones (OZ) represent our country’s newest strategy to improve struggling communities.

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