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You never know the extreme role your feelings play in everyday living until it is challenged with hardships to mentally break you down” -McNair states.

According to Wall Street Journal research, thoughts of suicide among U.S adults increased by 11% during the pandemic. They reported how COVID-19 has led to a considerably elevated adverse mental health condition. Advocates and doctors say suicide prevention awareness is key right now.


“Not admitting to needing help is the first sign of self-neglect. We can reverse this by opening up about the trials we face, so that we don’t become our own enemy when battling against our own emotions -McNair states.

In a society where suicide and mental health disorders are at an all-time high, it is important that we have more open dialogue about Mental Health. Our very own, Raven Paris had a heart to heart with Baltimores own “KD” who is best known from singing in male R&B group Prophet Jones. Clarence “KD” McNair Jr. is back in the spotlight for his #1 best seller book “Give It One More Try.

He shares the different experiences he encountered while working as a national recording artist, and how he improved from his anxiety disorders after losing his record label deal for second album in 2002. For years, McNair suffered greatly from panic attacks and other difficulties.

Raven Paris: What made you re-release “Give It One More Try” ?
KD: “The goal of re-releasing this book is to provide resources to people seeking to learn, and practice both healthy emotional intelligence and wellness. I believe it’s worth challenging yourself to give it one more try before throwing in the towel. After being honored by Baltimore City’s 51st Mayor Jack Young, I felt like it proved to my community that anything is possible. This book is necessary for those who are facing obstacles in their life, and have thought about giving up.”
Raven Paris: How do you hope this book will help impact and change the lives of others?
KD:This book was written to shift the reader’s mind from that one negative thought that altered their existence and the lives of the people around them. I hope this book leads to someone’s road to recovery, while changing their perspective to encourage a restored way of living.”
Raven Paris: How therapeutic was it writing, Give It One More Try?
KD: “Writing this book helped me heal from mental trauma, and relinquish the power I gave to my fears of failure. Every word reflected my will to push for the life I have now. In addition, knowing someone may have the same life-changing experience brought great joy because sometimes we take for granted having  peace of mind.  This book helped me reclaim that.”
Raven Paris: What was the scariest part of releasing a book so vulnerable? 
KD:“The scariest part of releasing this book was sharing my pain with the world and exposing my disappointments. I went from being a national recording artist with Motown to a short-lived celebrity. I was embarrassed for a long time to share my story; I just disappeared after seemingly having it all.  Yet, I’m grateful to God that I found the courage to invite people into my world with hopes of encouraging the next person to never give up. I’m the epitome of a major comeback.”


Give It One More Try,  shares KD road to recovery, and how changing his perspective led to a restored way of living. This book provides resources on how to learn and practice both healthy emotional intelligence and wellness. McNair believes it’s worth challenging yourself to give it one more try before throwing in the towel. “Give It One More Try” is available online at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Walmart, Audible and local bookstores. Follow @therealkdmcnair and @mcnairbooks or visit for book updates.

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