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Nick Cannon, Meruelo Media, Skyview Announce Radio Syndication

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One of the most popular cable programs might just live another season. Rumors are buzzing that Nick Cannon might be back with Viacom.


As spotted on HipHopDX the mogul is said to be back in talks with MTV. Earlier this year the California native got a wake up call when he hosted Professor Griff, of Public Enemy fame, on his podcast. On this specific Cannon’s Class episode the two discussed a myriad of topics but the talk track that went viral had to do with the Jewish community. “It’s never hate speech, you can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people,” Cannon said.  “When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.”

He went on to double down on his view. “The people who don’t have [melanin] … are a little less … so they’re acting out of fear, they’re acting out of low self-esteem. They’re acting out of a deficiency, so therefore they only way that they can act is evil. They have to rob, steal, rape, kill and fight in order to survive … so then these people that didn’t have what we have  — and when I say we, I mean the melaninated people — they had to be savages. They had to be barbaric … so they’re the ones that are actually closer to animals. They are the true savages.”

Naturally the commentary was indeed viewed as anti-Semitic and he was sat down by the network the same week. The move didn’t sit well with Nick and he was quick in trying to clear his name. “Anyone who knows me knows that I have no hate in my heart nor malice intentions” he wrote in a Tweet. “I do not condone hate speech nor the spread of hateful rhetoric. We are living in a time when it is more important than ever to promote unity and understanding.”

According to the Variety MTV has engaged him again to bring back the popular sketch comedy series. “We continue to follow Nick’s journey and I’m impressed by how he’s owned his mistakes,” said Chris McCarthy, president of ViacomCBS Entertainment and Youth Group. “He’s been an extended part of our family for almost 20 years and a personal friend of mine for almost half that. He’s leading by example, apologized and trying to learn to understand and help others do the same. That’s the kind of partner we want to work with.”

While there was no hard confirmation that the series will be coming back the show producer Michael Goldman felt confident about their chances. “Chris knows who Nick is as a person. I trust him to get us there” he said. Nick has yet to comment on the matter.

Photo: Bernard Small

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