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1. Dallas County Prosecutor Disbarred

What You Need To Know:

In a rare act, a former Dallas County prosecutor has been disbarred for his actions in a murder case in which two Black men were eventually exonerated.

2. Paths to Passage of Federal Voting Rights Law Lead To Dead Ends

What You Need To Know:

As Republican legislatures successfully pass more restrictive voting laws in their states, hopes of the passage of a federal voting rights bill by Democrats on Capitol Hill are looking bleaker as time goes on.

3. Coronavirus Update: Monthly Child Tax Credits to Hit Bank Accounts This Summer

What We Need To Know: 

About 39 million families will begin receiving monthly child tax credit payments begining July 15. The payments, which will be paid through the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, are expected to dramatically reduce child poverty, administration officials said.

4. Police Body Cameras: Exposing Misconduct or Just A Pacifier?

What You Need To Know:

Within two years of Michael Brown’s 2014 death by police, law enforcement agencies have acquired body cameras as a means to show the public what really happens during police encounters. But the promise of having evidence that holds police accountable for their actions and excessive use of force has not lived up to its promise.

5. NFT Marketplace Bitski Levels Up With $19 Million Investment From Serena Williams And Jay-Z

What You Need To Know:

Sports, hip-hop and digital art have collided with Jay-Z and Serena Williams investing in Bitski, an NFT marketplace that aims to simplify creating, buying, and selling non-fungible tokens.


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