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The coronavirus does not discriminate against color, age, or societal status, as we have just found out that legendary gospel singer BeBe Winans, 57, has caught the virus.

According to Billboardin an interview on SiriusXM, Winans said, “Sometimes, for some reason, we as a people when we look in and we look at television and various things that’s going on around us, we somehow say, that can’t happen to me for some reason. I don’t know why, but sometimes we believe that. And even myself being cautious, when the outbreak started, I did just a little travel. I was actually in New York and I was like, well, I’m going to Detroit because I had a friend pass and we were having a funeral and just that little travel, I caught it.”

Some people of faith have argued that since God was on their side, they didn’t believe the virus would affect them. About a month ago, Winans was in a New York airport to attend the funeral of a family friend. Winans recorded himself at the airport reminding people not to be fearful because God is in control.

“It’s like a ghost town in the airport in New York. Fear. People are being driven by fear. And I’m sorry, fear don’t drive me. It never will. It never has. So don’t fear, especially if you know who God is. Don’t get me started. I’m sorry if I don’t fall into that category. But have a great rest of your weekend.”


According to, “In addition to his own diagnosis, he passed it along to his 83-year-old mother, Delores, and his 64-year-old brother, Marvin.” He said when he returned home and started coughing out of nowhere, experience fatigue, chills, loss of appetite. He was told to stay home and quarantine since he wasn’t in need of a respirator.

His brother, who also contracted the disease, did have to go to the hospital. “He had a fever and pneumonia set in. He was there for four or five days.” He also confirmed that his mother contracted the virus  “My mom was touched for four or five days.”

“I’m a man of faith and just raised in and in my mind, I’m just concrete in the subject matter that God is greater than everything. Yet, and still, it’s so important for us to use common sense. So, being on the other side of it now, I’m just grateful that the word, I just finished my run and through the whole run, I was just saying, God, I thank you. I thank you because it could have been a different outcome for me and my family. So, I’ve learned to be more grateful for life itself.”

We will keep him and his family in prayer and you updated with any other info regarding this or any other coronavirus matter.


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