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As more details become publicly available in the current sex abuse trial of disturbed singer R. Kelly, it appears there’s no limit to what crimes he’ll be accused of committing next.

Now, the jury in his case will actually be able to see and hear some of the alleged heinous behavior now that a judge gave the okay for prosecutors to provide audio and video evidence of the 12 Play composer verbally and physically assaulting his accusers.


USA Today reveals that U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly gave the green light on Tuesday (September 14) to allow the tapes as evidence in the trial, and it appears one tape was too much for one victim to revisit.

Here’s a summary of what some of these tapes have on them and how it prevented one Jane Doe from even being called as a witness, via USA Today:

“On one of the two 2008 tapes, an enraged Kelly can be heard accusing an unidentified woman of lying to him before beginning to assault her, according to a court document filed on Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn.

‘If you lie to me, I’m going to (expletive) you up,’ Kelly says.

Another recording captures the R&B star accusing a second woman from Florida – referred to as Jane Doe No. 20 in the government’s filing – of stealing a Rolex watch from him.

‘You better not ever … take from me again or I will be in Florida and something will happen to you,’ he says. ‘You understand what I’m telling you?’

Prosecutors had planned to call the second woman as a witness. But they decided against it after she ‘started to have panic attacks and appeared to have an emotional breakdown’ while listening to the tape in preparation for her testimony, the filing says in a footnote.

‘For the sake of her mental health, the government advised Jane Doe No. 20 that it would not call her as a witness at the trial,’ the filing says.”


Prosecutors initially wrote a letter to the judge in order to get the motion approved to use this evidence, with the filing stating, “The recorded excerpts show (1) the type of physical and psychological abuse the defendant employed to exert and maintain control over women and girls with whom he was engaged in sexual relationships; and (2) his regular use of audio and video recordings to maintain control of females and protect the charged (criminal) enterprise.”

There’s no telling where this trial may lead at this point. Continue to keep his alleged victims in your prayers.

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