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Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble taught us how to tackle wash day, recreate an adorable braided pigtail look for your tot and now she’s bringing in a loctician to show us how to lay your kid’s locs in this ‘My HAIRstory!’ Tutorial inspired by Craig Of The Creek.

In this episode, we meet Josiah Barreto and his dad Joseph Barreto – a loctician who grooms his son’s hair at home. According to Dad, “One of the easiest things you can do for your child is tie their hair up. Children like to go outside and play, they come into contact with the elements and locs are a magnet for that.”

Josiah is looking for a “mohawk type style” to rock on the playground and his dad guides us through it. Since “Josiah doesn’t like to sit for very long,” Joseph prefers to palm roll his son’s hair for the sake of time and it provides a more “manicured” appearance.

Joseph begins with a new pomade from the Young King Haircare collection, rubber bands and water in a spray bottle. Wet the hair a bit and gather locs in groups of four. Wrap the section of hair with another loc to create a “barrel.” Place a rubber band at the end to secure.

Pro Tip: For setting purposes, these types of styles are easier to work with when the locs are damp.

Joseph then constructs his mohawk bringing each barrel to the top of Josiah’s head by wrapping them together and securing it with a rubber band. Finish with Young King Hair Care Conditioning Spray for moisture.

And voila! A way cool look for a way cool kid with locs.


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