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Funeral mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church for Irma Linda Garcia and Jose Antonio Garcia

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On May 24, a gunman changed the lives of many Uvalde, Texas residents, killing 19 students and 2 teachers in the Robb Elementary shooting. The tragic event has been covered on countless media outlets and now artists and actors, like Matthew McConaughey, are paying their respects.

Famed actor Matthew McConaughey returned to his hometown of Uvalde on Tuesday, May 31 to pay respects to the 21 victims of the Robb Elementary shooting. McConaughey was born in Uvalde and lived in the community for approximately 11 years before his family moved elsewhere within Texas in 1980.

Watch McConaughey’s journey home:

Meet the artist who is paying his respects to the victims in a major way. Trey Ganem is furrently making customized caskets for each of the 19 young victims and two teachers from the school shooting. Ganem visited the families last week to learn more about each victim. He customized each casket to include each child’s unique interests.

In the tweet, there are photos of Ganem designing the caskets, carefully stroking the casket with his paint brush. There is one Tiktok themed and another draped in a Superman cape.

Check out Ganem’s work:

While the shooting that took place in Uvalde is a tragedy, it is the simple kindness and humanity of these two individuals that tugs at our heartstrings.

We continue to pray for the families who are grieving the loss of their children.

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