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It’s been hard to watch Dave Chappelle turn into the villain of standup comedy following a months-long dispute with the transgender community over crass jokes made at their expense in his October 2021 Netflix special, The Closer.

Fellow comedian Jerrod Carmichael, who recently used his own HBO standup special to come out as gay, spoke with GQ Hype about why Chappelle’s decades-spanning legacy might forever be tarnished with anti-trans rhetoric.

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The accompanying photoshoot, which shows Carmichael shirtless and posing with flowers in his hair, is a testament to his current happiness in being an openly gay Black man. It’s for that reason that it comes as no surprise to hear him speaking against Chappelle’s transphobic stance when it comes to standup. “I love this generation,” he told GQ on the subject of acceptance and those displaying it the most, going on to add, “I actually fuck with them, and fuck all those comedians that are going so hard against them.”

Read more on what Jerrod Carmichael had to say against Chappelle and his beef with the trans community below, via GQ HYPE:

“‘Look, I get it. Everybody’s got to create a boogeyman to sell tickets. But it’s not true,’ he says, referring to the much-hyped threat of cancel culture. ‘Who’s getting canceled for what they’ve said? What does that mean, that people are mad on Twitter? Everybody’s fine. These grown men are fine. I think, a lot of times, people who offer nothing truthful or meaningful about themselves then complain about society at large and create this boogeyman. It’s like, listen, that’s the most urgent thing in your life? God bless you. I’m tired of hearing it.

Chappelle, do you know what comes up when you Google your name, bro? That’s the legacy? Your legacy is a bunch of opinions on trans shit? It’s an odd hill to die on. And it’s like, hey, bro. Who the fuck are you? Who do you fuck? What do you like to do? Childish jokes aside, who the fuck are you? It’s just kind of played. But he’s choosing to die on the hill. So, alright, let him.’”

Although the days of standup being a no-holds-barred arena of crude comedy are slowly coming to an end, the new era of tolerance may end up bringing more people together as sharing laughter should be in the first place.

Let us know what side of the stage you stand on: is Carmichael right for speaking out on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community, or should Chappelle be free to express freedom of speech as per usual? Sound off!


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