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EJ Johnson at Juneteenth B-Hen Block Party Presented by DIAGEO and its brands Smirnoff Ice Neon Lemonade, Crown Royal, and DeLeón Tequila

Source: Randy Shropshire / Getty

EJ Johnson, fashion trendsetter, TV personality, and leader of #TeamThis is lighting up the summer with their fabulousity. Their tagline, “Why be anything when you can be THIS?” feels like the anthem for the summer. The ultralight beam that is EJ Johnson has spent the beginning of summer living out loud, and we love to see it. During June, they celebrated the beauty and importance of Black identities in various ways.

One celebration, Joy of June, included their partnership with DIAGEO and its brands like Smirnoff Ice Neon Lemonade, Crown Royal, and DeLeón Tequila. The much-needed series aimed to galvanize Black folks of all identities and highlight the need for our stories to be told. We are sad we weren’t able to participate in the fun, but we are thrilled we had the opportunity to chat with the superstar about what Black joy means to them, their partnership with DIAGEO, summer trends, and what’s next for them.

HelloBeautiful: What does the partnership with Diageo mean to you?

EJ Johnson: I’ve teamed up with DIAGEO and its brands Smirnoff Ice Neon Lemonade, Crown Royal, and DeLeón Tequila for Joy of June, a series of local events, programming, and experiences across the country that celebrates the vibrancy of Black joy, identity, and self-expression while toasting to the voices of Black creatives powering change through fashion, food, music, art, food cocktails and more. DIAGEO shows me that there are brands out there who are vested in our communities and are dedicated to creating a safe space where everyone feels safe and welcomed. 

EJ Johnson Juneteenth B-Hen Block Party Presented by DIAGEO and its brands Smirnoff Ice Neon Lemonade, Crown Royal, and DeLeón Tequila

Source: Randy Shropshire / Getty

HelloBeautiful: Why Diageo?

EJ Johnson: DIAGEO is a company committed to preserving Black culture and championing diversity and inclusivity throughout its brands and their work. It only seemed right to align with a brand committed to our advancements and continuously shows up for our community. 

HelloBeautiful: Tell us how you define Black joy.

EJ Johnson: Black Joy is all about being your best self! It’s about showing up as you are unapologetically. Joy comes from within. Joy is joy regardless of color. It is about living in an authentic place and unapologetically your truth.

HelloBeautiful: We know that intersectionality has to be a part of the revolution. Can you speak to why you believe intersectionality is so important in our fight for equality?

EJ Johnson: I just feel that everyone should be included in any type of event. No one should be excluded from any part of the revolution. It is important to have everyone represented in anything we do.

HelloBeautiful: When we think of you, of course, we think of fashion. What tips do you have for the gworls this summer?

EJ Johnson: Summer is the time for bright pops of color and whites. Bright pinks, blues, greens, and more. Summer is the time to feel sexy, so whatever you need to feel your sexiest and most powerful is what you should wear. 

HelloBeautiful: How are you living your best life this summer?

EJ Johnson: This summer I am living my best life by teaming up with DIAGEO to celebrate Black Joy, Black PRIDE, and the spectrum of Black identity, so you know I’ll be sipping delicious DeLeon Tequila Margaritas and taking Crown Royal and Smirnoff Neon Ice canned cocktails to all the summer parties this season! Living my best life this summer is feeling fabulous and amazing in my skin and taking fabulous vacations and trips. I try to look my best and be out in the sun.

HelloBeautiful: What are you working on now and how can we support you in the future?

EJ Johnson: I am working on some really amazing projects. I have been writing, creating, and producing my own content, which I am very excited about. I am very excited to see everything coming together.

HelloBeautiful: You recently joined the 30 club, the best club, and you said your magic and powers have been activated. How does it feel to enter this new decade?

EJ Johnson: I am very excited to enter my 30s. I think it will be the best decade for me. I have received so much clarity and my powers have been activated. I have received the most amount of clarity I have had in my life. I feel unstoppable and I can do anything I set my mind to. It is the decade to getting everything I want out of life 

HelloBeautiful: What’s a mantra that keeps you going when don’t always feel like your fabulous self?

EJ Johnson: I never don’t feel fabulous. You just always have to tell yourself that you are, so since I always feel this way, I don’t have to remind myself.

Keep up with EJ on Instagram @ejjohnson_ for all the Black joy, fashion and fabulousity!


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