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Black Family In Houston Targeted By Racists

Source: ABC 13 / abc 13

A Black family that just moved into a neighborhood in the Houston, Texas area has gone public with the evidence that they are the targets of racist threats.

According to reports, a woman named Erika (who gave only her first name for fear of violence against her) moved into the Woodland Hills Subdivision in Kingwood, a neighborhood in the northeast section of Houston, Texas with a roommate and her 12-year-old daughter. A week after they arrived, a note was left on their front doorstep. “Very nasty. ‘Color of your skin. [Expletive], get out of here. You don’t belong here, get out of our neighborhood,’” she said to ABC13 reporter Shelley Childers. A second note was left at her door the next day. “Go to sleep. Wake up. There’s another note: ‘last warning,’ she said. There were no security cameras at her home at the time.

Erika also managed to catch four men shortly after around her SUV after hearing a disturbance outside. “I caught them in the act. I came outside and they just start running, took off running,” she said. Afterward, she discovered that two of her tires were slashed. A neighbor who’s a longtime resident by the name of Robert installed security cameras on his home after Erika had received the notes. “Somebody that will do that, there’s nothing redeeming about them,” he said.

A public information officer with the Houston Police department says that they’re investigating the incident as a hate crime, and Erika met with the Criminal Intelligence division. Her landlord has installed security cameras on her home, but Erika and her daughter, along with the roommate are taking time away from the property. “It’s very hurtful and I’m very scared for my life. I have a daughter coming up and I’m trying my best to keep that away from her. I don’t want her to experience that. We’re not in the cotton-picking field days anymore,” Erika said.

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