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In Kenly North Carolina they lost their entire police force in one day. In protest of the hiring of the towns new manager, Justine Jones, a black woman.
The Kenly police chief revealed his intentions on a Facebook post, saying “I have put in my 2 weeks notice along with the whole police dept.,” of the town of Kenly after 21 years of service.

“The new manager has created an environment I do not feel we can perform our duties and services to the community,”
He told WRAL he would reconsider if Jones were to quit or be fired.
Justine Jones the Town manager declined comment, telling WRAL she was “not at liberty to talk because of a personnel matter.”
in the meantime other county deputies will be helping out the Kenly police force with the vacant positions.

Man shot by wife is being charged with sexually abusing children at her Baltimore County day care

Here’s an update about the woman who shot her husband after she confronted him with accusations that he molested children at her day care.
Well that man, James S. Weems Jr., 57, a former Baltimore Police officer is being criminally charged.
He faces 13 counts related to three victims, including two counts of third-degree sex offense, three counts of second-degree assault and one count of displaying obscene material to a minor.
Court documents show Shanteari Weems told police she had received “multiple messages and phone calls from parents and teachers” about molestation at the Owings Mills daycare.
She told police she confronted her husband in the hotel room which escalated into a heated argument. At one point he moved towards her,and that is when she pulled her gun from her purse and shot him.
She has been charged with assault with intent to kill and firearms charges.

Georgia Woman Dies After “Falling” Out Of Police Car And Her Family Wants Answers

Parents of a Georgia woman are seeking answers after their daughter died in police custody.
28 year old Brianna Grier’s parents called police and told them their daughter was having a schizophrenic crisis.
They wanted the paramedics to show up, but the police did. They ended up detaining Brianna claiming she had alcohol on her breath.
As for Brianna’s injuries, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations said in a statement,  “While deputies were taking her to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, she fell out of a patrol car and sustained significant injuries. She later died because of those injuries.”
Brianna’s Mother said police told her that Brianna had allegedly “kicked the back door in and jumped out” of the patrol car.
Grier’s father said, this just doesn’t add up. He told the Washington Post, “Everybody knows that no one can just kick a door open on a police cruiser. I never heard nobody else say it had happened,” “And with her hands behind her back? Something’s not right here.”
The GBI is currently investigating Brianna’s death.