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Customer service can go from hospitable to downright homicidal in a split second for many reasons, but it usually centers back to one party feeling disrespected by the other and vice versa.

The manager at a Taco Bell in Dallas, Texas allowed a disagreement to end in a $1 million lawsuit after a complaint over a wrong order left two customers doused in scalding hot water.

Always-on-it famed attorney Ben Crump reposted security camera footage from the incident (seen above), which gives an inaudible-yet-clear idea of what went down from multiple angles. It appears the altercation began when the customers named in the lawsuit, Brittany Davis and her niece identified only as C.T. due to being a minor, approached the Taco Bell counter after getting shorted on their food order at the drive-thru window. According to TMZ, things escalated indoors after the pair circled the drive-thru two extra times and still got ignored by the employee on the other end of the disagreement.

Read up below on a play-by-play of how these two literally landed in hot water, via TMZ:

“The pair then allegedly parked their vehicle and tried to walk inside the fast-food joint, but it was already closed. An employee unlocked the door, allowing them to enter.

After the two asked for their order to be corrected, one of the workers allegedly challenged C.T. to a fight before the manager appeared, holding a bucket of piping hot water.

The manager then doused C.T.’s face with the boiling water, which splashed the chests of both plaintiffs, according to the suit filed July 13 by prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump.”

Davis and C.T. say the blistering heat caused damage to them in similar and contrasting ways. The younger of the two cited discoloring and scarring burns surrounding her face, chest, stomach, arms and legs, while Davis going as far as claiming brain damage to the effect of “at least 10 seizures.”

Dallas PD is currently investigating the June 17 incident. Crump told TMZ on the matter, “Not only did Brittany and C.T. suffer physical trauma because of the burns, but they will now live with the psychological trauma that comes with an attack like this. Corporations have a duty to employ quality and stable employees who hold safety as the highest priority.” The suit also mentions how proud the Taco Bell employees allegedly were with the attack as they “laughed and clapped” while Davis and C.T. drove away to avoid further conflict.

It can be viewed from both sides, and about 12 different camera views as you can clearly see above, so let us know who you think was right in this situation.




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