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Just when you thought the bizarre beauty trends on the internet couldn’t get weirder, one savvy businessman on the internet now claims he’s found the answer to prevent hair bonnets from slipping at night.

Yes, you read that right.

On Twitter, a user named @MnjSales is promoting a super non-slip bonnet that appears indestructible. The savvy internet salesman has been promoting his new creation by testing the product for curious customers. In one video post, the man, who remains unidentified, moves a mini-speed boat with the durable bonnet attached to his head.

In another video post, a dog can be seen tugging ferociously at the headpiece, which, surprisingly, doesn’t slip off of the man’s hair.

Social media reacts to the super non-slip bonnet

We got to say, it looks pretty impressive, but naturally, some social media users are sharing mixed reactions about the heavy-weight bonnet online.

One user on Twitter wrote:

“Honestly at this point, i don’t want one lmao cause why can’t it come off!”

Another person replied:

“I really hope your bonnets sell out!”

A few users commended the salesman on his great marketing skills.

“MF been on my timeline multiple times. Got me thinking bout buying one and ion even wear bonnets,” one user wrote.

Little is known about the mysterious MNJ Sales, but it looks like he specializes in selling protective hair gear for men and women. On his website, customers can order everything from du-rags and bonnets to satin-lined hats and beanies.

According to some users, the Buffalo, New York-based retailer even sells beard bonnets for the fellas.

This is wildly interesting! Would you buy this heavy-duty bonnet? Tell us down below!


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