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FrankHaveMercy Endless Summer

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Meet FrankHaveMercy: the multi-hyphenate creative, who’s a jack of all trades and a master of them all. The North Carolina artist recently debuted his Endless Summer EP, and he’s proving to the industry that he has far more to offer than his timeless sound. Check out our exclusive Q&A with FrankHaveMercy inside.

FrankHaveMercy is an incredibly talented artist, photographer and rapper. His layered past propelled him into a creative universe, from which he has no plans of leaving. Frank enlisted in the United States Army shortly after graduating high school. His traumatic deployment to Afghanistan catapulted him into his creative pursuits. Frank picked up a camera and the rest is history.

The masterful artist began collaborating with celebrity clientele and corporate companies like Nike, BMW and Google. His newfound love for visual art and design led him to new pathways of expression, becoming the art director for the late, great Nipsey Hussle and notable artist Kendrick Lamar.

Coming off the helms of a successful live performance of his EP Endless Summer at Soho Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, FrankHaveMercy is excited to share his inspiring story with the world. Frank is seamlessly fusing his passions for art, music, and expression to continue aligning him with his purpose.

Fans can expect seven timeless tracks with talented features from Wurld, T dot illdude, and Bjrnck on the Endless Summer EP. This project was inspired by his journey: the ups, the downs, the great times, the heartbreak, and the nights he’ll never forget. Last summer, Frank recorded most of the songs isolated in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We had the opportunity to learn more about how FrankHaveMercy balances his creative pursuits, what his ideal Endless Summer looks like and what’s next for the impressive talent.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with FrankHaveMercy below:

How have you fused your talents as a musician, photographer, and overall creative? How does it translate into the music?

The common denominator with me is my taste level. I feel no matter what I’ve done I have always had a high taste level that translates to those who appreciate amazing art. I’ve been able to take my perspective on photography, fashion, and design and integrate it into music. It’s all the same frequency in my opinion. It’s all language.

Your background is interesting having been a former army man, battling the trauma post-deployment to Afghanistan. Why did that experience inspire you to create?

I was so detached from normalcy and my emotions that once I got back, I went to therapy. My therapist recommended I explore a hobby. My choice was to use my imagination and be creative which ultimately led to me being a photographer, director, designer, and ultimately a Musician. I needed outlets to express what I was feeling.

Photography has taken you to great places, working with brands like Nike, BMW, and Google. Now with music, have you been able to continue shooting?

For the last 3-4 years I’ve been more in front of the camera. But from time to time I still like to get behind the camera and capture certain things. I still have my hand in a bunch of fashion campaigns. I want to do another exhibition soon. I haven’t shown any of my fine art photography since 2018.

You have an extraordinary life. Talk about how your passion for photography led you to becoming an artist director?

Since I was a kid I have always been into making things look as best as they can. Whether that be my outfit, my friends’ outfit, school projects, or sports. Whatever I did, I wanted it to look amazing. So once I got into photography it just gave me another lane to execute certain visions I had. Helping artists with their creative direction just came second nature to me. I was essentially just giving them my opinion and ideas on what could take them to the next level. That just came so naturally to me. I have very thorough thoughts and I can communicate them. Photography helped me shape my thoughts even more than my words could.

How would you describe your music to a new listener? How do you hope that they may feel after listening?

If I had to describe my music to a new listener I would tell them to imagine what it would sound like if Hanz Zimmer scored a classic indie Black film. I hope they feel more alive than they ever have after listening to my music. I hope they feel every emotion.

Talk about your latest EP Endless Summer – what was the inspiration for the project?

I was inspired by everyone around me. My producers Ila Orbis, JYLEE, Myles Martin, Naem Aurum. My best friend Brandon Nixon as well. Me and him talk about our opinions on music every day. From what we think Michael Jackson would sound like in 2022 to how we think sports games should be scored live like broadway shows. I’m inspired by everything at all times.

Describe your Endless Summer.

My Endless Summer is described down to the smallest details on the album. I think if you listen, even just once. You might not understand what an Endless Summer is to me. But you’ll feel it!

What’s next for FrankHaveMercy?

I want to star in a movie directed by Jordan Peele or Ryan Coogler. I’d also like to write and produce a tv show. I think I will release another album before the end of the year as well.

Check out FrankHaveMercy’s latest project Endless Summer here. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram as well.


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