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The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, has gotten so bad, the city temporarily ran out of bottled water to give to residents

Remember the water issues in Flint, Michigan?
Something similar is happening in Jackson Mississippi. The city is facing a major water crisis and does not have enough water to fight fires, flush toilets or even hand out to residents in need.

residents are complaining about discolored water coming from pipes and the city has been under a a boil water notice “for a whole month.
According to Mississippi’s Governor Jackson’s main water treatment facility began failing Monday.
Officials said the National Guard was even called in to help distribute 700 cases of bottled water as crews work to get the water treatment plant back online.
Many Residents waited in lines over a mile long but many were turned away after water ran out.
There is more relief coming as Jackson’s Mayor said the city is working on more water distribution events. And the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency will provide nearly 30 water trucks to help supplement the city events.
I can’t even imagine having to go through something like that. But that is not the first time we have seen something like this happen here in the U.S.
Source: CNN

Man tests positive for HIV, COVID-19, and monkeypox at the same time, report says

But this is. For the first time Doctors say a man has tested positive for Covid-19, Monkey Pox, and HIV at the same time.
Something that has never happened ever in the world a man has contracted all three virus after his trip to Spain.
The man first tested positive for Covid-19 and within hours started getting a rash and small blisters.
He then tested positive for Monkey pox and in that same day he tested positive for HIV.
Doctors involved in the study wrote that “As this is the only reported case of monkey pox virus, SARS-CoV-2 and HIV co-infection, there is still not enough evidence supporting that this combination may aggravate [a] patient’s condition.
They added that while it is the first known case of its kind, more will likely follow given the rapid spread of monkeypox, with more than 45,000 cases reported in 98 countries.
All three wasn’t the magic number this time.
Source: NY Post

North Ave. Market in Baltimore’s Station North announces it will close

Ok back here in town.
It’s only been a couple years but the North Avenue Market, combination arcade, bar and music Venue is closing.  The venue located in the Station North Arts District made the announcement its social media accounts.
No mention as of why they were closing but they did thank their customers in their announcement post.
Saying “North Ave Market and this community has held a special place in our hearts. And added, “It is unfortunate that we must close the doors, but we would like you to know how much we appreciated your business and support.”
According to The Baltimore Sun archives the original food market opened in 1928.
Now we wait to see what it will become next.