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Maryland car seat law takes effect Saturday

Something for parents, grandparents or anyone transporting young children.
The new Maryland car seat law will take effect this Saturday.
The law states that “children must be kept rear-facing until at least two years of age, unless the child meets or exceeds the height and weight on the seat’s guidelines. Having a seat that properly fits the child is also another important consideration.”
The administrator of Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration said crash statistics show that a car seat can reduce the risk of fatal injury in a crash by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers when they’re installed correctly. It’s one reason that, while some laws use punishment as a deterrent, that’s not the case here.Once the law takes effect on Saturday, Oct. 1, “only a written warning is issued after the first violation.”

“This is not about giving anyone a citation,” Nizer added. “It’s really about safety for our young children … it would be that warning to allow them time to either get that proper car seat or change the installation around to rear-facing.”

And that’s wassup, gotta keep the babies safe.

Source:  WTOP

The Grammys are considering adding an Afrobeats category

Speaking of new. Could the Grammy’s be adding something new?
The Afrobeat genre has invaded the western music charts and now the Grammy’s are finally noticing.
The Recording Academy CEO said that the Grammys were considering adding an award category for Afrobeats. Telling reporters he had been meeting with players in the genre to explore the possibility.
Saying “We called in producers, songwriters, artists, executives and we had a virtual listening session where we heard from Afrobeats creators,” he said at a September 24 news conference. “[We] just talked about, ‘What are the different sub genres? What are the needs? What are the desires?’”
“My goal is to make sure that we represent all genres of music, including Afrobeats, at the Grammys. But it has to be done properly,” Mason said during the news conference. “I think the listening session last week was very important, very valuable, and a step towards that path.”
Its also worth mentioning that Billboard has even added a US-based Afrobeats chart this year.
And that needs to happen sooner than later.
Source: CNN


A big shout out to Snoop Dogg. He is at it again. He has his hand in so many various different projects and business ventures.
Of course we know him for decades of music. But we’ve seen him in movies, reality shows, youth football, big game halftime shows, corona commercials, a tv show with Martha Stewart, he created his own cereal snoop loopz, NFT’s and so much  more.
Now get ready for another snoop collaboration. This time he will be working with the very popular chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen.
Snoop plans to open a restaurant with Ramsay.
In an interview with The Mirror, he said “I have been speaking with my boy Gordon for a while about opening a restaurant together – but the pandemic slowed things right down,” Snoop said, adding, “I met up with my boy Gordon and he has taught me a few things.”
No more details were given about it but I wonder what they would name the restaurant. High’s kitchen is already taken.
Source: Hip Hop DX
Also Rest In Paradise to Mr Gangsta Paradise and mr Fantastic Voyage, the artist known as Coolio passed away at the age of 59. The official cause of death has not been determined but paramedics believe that he may have suffered cardiac arrest.
And We say blessings and strength to his family friends and loved ones.