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Source: Andrew Vo / Global Grind

If there is one thing history has shown us we can depend on Snoop Dogg for, it’s entertainment. Whether it’s him spitting some player rhymes or showing us how to make one of his famous recipes, whenever we see the icon, a good time is surely to follow.

This was especially the case this past weekend (September 25) when the 50 year-old appeared on the season 3 premiere of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Throughout the episode, Snoop had viewers in person and at home, his fellow contestants (Amanda Seales and Mark Duplass) and even the hosts of the gameshow (Pat Sajak and Vanna White) crying of laughter at the way he played the game.

Snoop started off the game by solving the first puzzle correctly then briefly showing off his dance moves. After the hot start, things took a hilarious turn. The ‘GIn and Juice’ rapper proceeded to incorrectly attempt to solve numerous puzzles. It’s not at all uncommon to guess wrong but what made Snoop’s appearance on the show legendary is how far off his answers were.

For one of the puzzles, Snoop guessed “Baking onions” when the correct answer was actually “Baking brownies.” Other outlandish guesses included him guessing “Airport teacher” when the answer was “Acting teacher” and instead of him answering “Sweetening the pot” which was the correct answer, he went with “Swallowing the knot.” Although Snoop’s answer kept getting more weird as time went on, he did finally get his moment of redemption when he correctly guessed “Sun’s out, buns out.” How ironic, right?

You can watch a compilation video of Snoop’s best moments on the episode below.

Whoever came up with the idea to have Snoop on the show deserves a raise. Viewers chimed in and expressed how much they enjoyed Snoop’s performance despite his absurd answers.

This isn’t Snoop’s first rodeo when it comes to game shows. In 2016, he led his family into battle on Celebrity Family Feud against Sugar Ray Leonard‘s family. Snoop shared a hilarious moment with Steve Harvey that night when he answered one of the survey questions completely wrong during the show’s “Fast Money” segment.

What’s the key takeaway here? WE NEED SNOOP ON MORE GAME SHOWS or HE NEEDS HIS OWN ASAP!

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