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Hanifa SS2022 "Live Out Loud" Collection

Source: Courtesy of Orelie Sodolo (Hanifa Group) / Courtesy of Orelie Sodolo (Hanifa Group)


Hanifa has released its colorful fall ready-to-wear collection, and this time fans and fashionistas are in for a treat.

For the brand’s latest drop, Anifa Mvuemba, the mastermind behind Hanifa’s cutting-edge designs, took an explorative approach as she reimagined how fall wear could look beyond conventional knitwear. The latest collection offers various bodycon dresses, leather trench coats, snatching silhouettes, and bright bursts of color that will almost make you forget that we’re heading into the colder months.

Anifa Mvuemba talks about the inspiration  behind the FW 2022 Collection

Hanifa’s one-sleeved fuzzy bodycon dress oozes with personality. Their wide-legged nylon trousers, which Mvuemba told Vogue in a recent interview were “basically sweatpants,” are two standouts that are sure to keep you looking warm and fashionable this Fall.

“I’m still discovering myself as a designer, so I’ve just been trying different things and expanding with manipulations and techniques,” the Washington D.C.-based designer said of her inspiration behind the latest collection.

This drop seems more refined and a bit smaller than some of the previous releases we’ve seen Hanifa debut in the past. But according to Mvuemba, there’s a method behind the madness.

“I dislike the pressures of the industry to have this elaborate explanation of why you’re creating what you’re creating,” she explained. “We’re constantly getting emails and DMs about the next one, and maybe right now we can’t give them another 30-piece collection, but we can give them 10 or 12 looks and go at our own pace,” she said before adding, “I don’t want to overwork my team, I’m just being realistic, this made sense for the time and where we currently are as a business.”

During the release on Monday, Hanifa took to its Instagram to promote the fall-inspired line with a short fashion film. And after the flick aired, fans had the chance to interact with Mvuemba during a live shopping session.

“Now, this is how you do commerce in 2022!” one fan wrote after attending the immersive shopping experience. “Absolutely loved how you’ve leveraged live shopping for this. It was fun, refreshing, and innovative.”

Eager to get your hands on some Hanifa? Head over to the site now, but be prepared to spend a pretty penny on some of the latest designs. Items from the fall ready-to-wear collection range from $289 to $599.

What do you think of the latest collection? Tell us in the comments section.



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