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If you love a great drink and competition, together or separate, this show is for you! Netflix is back with a new competition series called “Drink Masters” where world-class mixologists showcase their dazzling cocktail-crafting skills in hopes of winning $100K! Hosted by Tone Bell with mix legends Julie Reiner and Frankie Solarik as judges. Get a peak of the show in the trailer below…

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This season’s cast brought together talent from all over the world and of the 12 selected, 2 are representing D.C.! Kapri and LP are both experienced mixologist who highlight Black Women in bartending! As the only two Black American contestants this season, they definitely didn’t disappoint and brought the heat in this competition!

Meet Kapri

Kapri Robinson is a Spirits Educator and Bartender who currently serves as a mixologist at Allegory, an ambitious cocktail bar inside the Eaton hotel in downtown D.C. Kapri’s pride and joy is being the Founder of Chocolate City’s Best, a nonprofit focusing on bartenders of color. She wants to do her part in bringing bartenders of color to the forefront of this industry.

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Meet LP

LP has worked many roles in the food and beverage industry from Beverage Director, R&D Production Chef, Spirits Judge and Beverage Consultant. Today, she spends her time creating diverse, inclusive, and safe spaces through her work with Focus on Health and her consulting company LP Drinks Co. in DC. LP says this “job” has turned into a “surprise passion” and she hopes to continue to inspire people because they can do it too!

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During the competition, contestants are given a challenge where their cocktails are judged on appearance, taste and creative use of the weekly ingredient or skill. After the judges try each drink, the top shelf mixologist is named and receives an advantage for the next challenge. The cocktail creators who scored the least compete in a Mix-Off where one will be sent home. I won’t spoil if either of these women won the grand prize but between Kapri and LP, in no particular order, these are the drinks they made throughout the competition;

“Rush For The Gold”: Beeswax-Washed Bourbon, Honey & Lemon Juice and Soda Water

“Punch of Ti”: Rye Infused with Cheese, Aged Rum, Spiced Apricot and Black Tea

“Pandan! Pandan! Pandan!”: Pandan Coconut Washed Rum, Pandan Sesame Syrup and Coconut Lime Gelato

“The CCB Rickey”: Gin, Lime Juice and Soda Water

“Spoonful of Sugar”: Date-Infused Cognac, Milk Punch, Earl Grey Dry Ice “Sugar” and Hazelnut Syrup

“Caffeinated Bijou”: Cinnamon Infused, Cold Brew Whiskey, Coffee Liqueur and Chatreuse Herbal Liqueur

“Laissez-Faire”: Lemon Juice, Champagne, Gin, Fini Cherry and Herbal Tea Concentrate

“The Adonis”: Sherry, Vermouth, Cardamom Bitter, and Cherrywood Smoke

“Wet Martini with Spheres”: Vermouth, Gin/Vodka, Lemon Twist and Caviar like Spheres

“So You Made A Julep, Eh?”: Canadian Rye Whiskey, Labrador Tea, Apple Dipped in Maple Flakes and Mint Garnish

“Flip Á La Truffle”: Whole Egg, Hazelnut Liqueur with Champagne Syrup, Frangelico, Golden and Dark Chocolate

“Spice Route Punch”: Banana Peel, Key Lime Punch, Rum Spiced with Allspice and Black Cardamom plus Sea Foam Air.

“Beyond Glass Ceilings”: Tequila Blanco, Tequila Reposado, Pineapple Agave Nectar, Lime and Salt Foam

“Anything But Tart”: Vanilla & Lemon-Infused Sherry, Lemon Curd, Egg-White and Vanilla Meringue

“Tree of Life”: Jalapeño Air, Bourbon, Calvados Brandy and Szechuan Peppercorn

“Everything But The Alley Cat”: Vanilla-Infused Aged Rum, Guava Milk, Spiced Syrup and Fried Plantain on the Side

“Layers of Flight”: Gin Punch, Carbonated Tequila with Hibiscus Ice, Hot Whiskey with Coffee Foam

“Deconstructed Margarita”: Orange & Coriander Infused, Tequila, Sour Watermelon Jellies, and Tomato-Lime Sangrita

“The Placebo Effect”: Non-Alcoholic Gin, Cucumber Soda and Gin/Juniper Berry Ice Cream

“Bountiful Impressions”: Gin with Lime and Melon, Mint Tea, Soda Water and Cherry Mint Sphere

“It’s All a Holly-Daze”: Cachaça Vodka & Amontillado, Vanilla Cream and Blackcurrant Syrup

You can stream the full first season of “Drink Masters” on Netflix now!

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