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U.S. House Democrats elect Hakeem Jeffries as first Black party leader

Election season ongoing.
We have new people taking office. There are people who were re-elected and maintained their role. In some states we’ve had historic wins like in Maryland and Los Angeles. Both states have seen African Americans win certain seats for the first time.
Add Congress to that list.
For the first time in its history they will have a African American Party Leader.
The House Democrats have unanimously elected Hakeem Jeffries as the Democratic’s Party Leader beginning in January 2023.
The win is a significant one.
It highlights an important transition to younger leadership for the party.
Jeffries is only 52 years old.
The last three House Democratic leadership jobs have been held by people much older.
Pelosi, 82, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, 83, and Majority Whip James Clyburn, 82.
Congratulations to Hakeem
Source: Reuters.Com

Uvalde survivors file class action lawsuit seeking $27 billion from law enforcement entities, school district and others

The survivors of the mass shooting have come together and filed a class action law suit.

According to the court documents they are suing the city, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, the school district’s police department, the Uvalde Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety and a number of persons who are members or former members of the agencies listed as defendants.
The victims and survivors allege they have sustained emotional and psychological damages as a result of Defendants’ conduct and omissions.”
They are seeking $27 Billion
Source: CNN

Federal lab testing confirms case of bird flu at poultry farm in Western Maryland

A case of the Bird Flu has been reported in Maryland.
In Western Maryland to be exact.
A Federal lab testing has confirmed a case of bird flu at a farm in Washington County.
According to the report, Avian influenza is a highly contagious airborne respiratory virus that spreads easily among birds through nasal and eye secretions. The virus can spread in various ways from flock to flock, including by wild birds, through contact with infected poultry, by equipment, and on the clothing and shoes of caretakers.
If you are concerned about the disease spreading, the MDA says don’t.
The Maryland Department of Agriculture said state officials quarantined all affected premises and taken measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Birds or poultry products from affected flocks will not enter the food supply chain.
Avian influenza does not affect poultry meat or egg products, which remain healthy and safe to eat and handle.
Source: WBAL